Biovitality in Food – healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes

Biovitality in Food is a response to the growing desire and need to gain awareness in the field of healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.

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Studio Sante Urban Health Resort invited Liza Taste, journalist, adventurer and culinary & fashion enthusiast. Liza was the first in Poland to combine the fashion world and a culinary experience in one. Fashion and cooking are Liza’s two greatest passions, as these are both rich in flavors and colors of the world combined at various levels. Together with Arthur Świerżewski, an honorary member of the Chefs’ Club Foundation, they created a unique meeting for those wishing to increase their awareness in the field of proper nutrition and a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, while also participate in the culinary & fashion show – “carnival craze on the plate.”

During the meeting, the guests had the opportunity to measure their biovitality with Mr. Aleksander Kwiatkowski, Sante’s expert on the biovitality and business development, and learn how to elevate their biovitality levels, and make the good energy fill up their lives. Daria Łukowska, Sante’s dietician, also advised the guests on how to keep a healthy relationship with food and conscious approach to our body and a healthy lifestyle.

The show combining fashion and cuisine took place on January 25, 2017, in a unique place Studio Sante Urban Health Resort, at Jagiellońska 55a St., in Warsaw. The guests also had the opportunity to enjoy the Revitalized Water Pools, saunas, Jacuzzis and a massage performed by Sante’s therapists.


Until recently, it was thought that the quality of food is determined by vitamins, minerals and accumulated energy, commonly referred to as calories. Yet, recent scientific discoveries showed the existence of light energy in the form of bio-photons stored in the food, which may also determine its quality. The higher the degree of synchronization of bio-photons in the diet is, the higher quality it gains. Light energy absorbed with food allows all body cells undergo billions of biochemical processes at the right time and place – bio-photons are responsible for ensuring that everything works flawlessly!

The quality of food is reflected in the emitted bioenergy, which can be measured by using, among other things, the international Bovis Scale. The food, which holds more than 6500 Bv (Bovis units), benefits our body. The biovitality measurement can be performed in Studio Sante Urban Health Resort.

Sante and Studio Sante

Sante A.Kowalski Company is an expert on the health food market in Poland and in the world. The rich and varied offer includes approx. 250 products. An important element of the company is health education and holistic approach to health. Sante organizes conferences and lectures on proper nutrition, nationwide events and meetings with experts in their field of expertise. Sante regularly publishes numerous articles on health education, taking into account the latest researches regarding nutrition and medicine.

Studio Sante Urban Health Resort – a place of Revitalized Water Pools and jacuzzies and Beauty, rehabilitation and wellness zones. A unique spa & wellness center which through the care of the body and the spirit, the latest therapies and personal diet, provides a holistic approach to health.


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