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When Jakub Luboński and Marcin Łotysz, entrepreneurs from Poznan, announced to the world that they want to create smart trash bin, capable of recognizing, categorizing and sorting garbage, only few people believed in the possibility of success, let alone invest money in it.

In a ceremony at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, the Solaris Urbino—the world’s first bus to feature handrails made from antimicrobial copper—has been named Best City Bus of 2017 in the Bus of the Year competition. In addition to its cutting-edge use of copper, the bus is also the first battery-powered vehicle to win this prestigious title.

Orkiestrownik is a modern guide through classical music in the form of a free of charge mobile application. Step by step, it slowly introduces you to the realm of orchestra, demonstrates all the instruments, musicians, the conductor, rehearsals and a concert. And this all comes in the form of an absolutely unique multimedia application available since 15 September on smartphones and tablets.

After the successful Kickstarter campaign, founders of Skriware home 3D printer have gone all the way and launched a corresponding online store called Skrimarket. From now on, the startup offers full and super-simplified system which brings 3D printing right to users doorsteps. At the same time, the company has announced a contest for designers. Authors of the best models can win attractive prizes and their works will feature on the marketplace.