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Smart Nanotechnologies Sp. z o.o is one of the winners of this year’s edition of the „Teraz Polska” Competition in the category of Products. The company was awarded for the series of innovative disinfecting preparations, used in order to maintain veterinary hygiene and ensure the best zoohygienic conditions – Silveco.

France is one of the main markets for Polish exporters. Last year’s sales value in this country amounted to 9.17 bln euros in comparison with 8.55 bln in the exact period of time one year before. Poland has also a large surplus in trade flows with France: January-November 2015 it amounted to 3.37 bln euros.

The past year has been an interesting time in the Polish foreign trade, full of unexpected occurrences and experiences. Below are some of interesting export facts from the summary prepared by the financial institution Akcenta.

According to the KPMG’s report entitled “Luxury goods market. Polish premium & luxury brands”, the segment has grown by about 13% in comparison to last year. Now its estimated value is PLN 14,3 bn. The brands considered as the most premium are: jewellery companies Apart & W.Kruk, vodka brands Chopin & Belvedere, Wittchen as well as cosmetics producer Dr. Irena Eris.

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