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The history of the Polish Diaspora in the northern part of Italy is not just one story. There are many historical motifs. This is what has attracted Poles to this beautiful country and still does. It is a delight in the rich culture and its natural beauty. Poles have been drawn to the beauty of this country over the centuries. In the rich history of Italy there were moments in which mainly Polish history took place rolled through these lands. This Polish history which took place beyond Polish borders has the same right to be venerated and cultivated as the history of our country.

Polish Expats Association (PEA) is one of the largest organisations which connects Poles living in the West Midlands. It is a non-profit organisation founded in 2009 in Birmingham, UK. With passion and commitment cares about the vision of a society in which each person feels a part of and takes full advantage of their rights cultivating at the same time their own culture and tradition.