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What makes Canada, in comparison with other countries, so special? Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors are its inhabitants – a rich mosaic of cultures, religions and traditions. Among them is also a large group of Polish immigrants. An Ordinary Move, the seventh volume of memoirs that has been published by The Canadian Polish Research Institute, reads like an orchestra of immigrant voices. Each voice tells a different story but they come together to present a portrait of the most recent immigrants to Canada.

Vintage interiors of a Paris townhouse where Frederic Chopin once gave his concerts, embassy seats in Washington and London bought in 1921, and offices of diplomatic missions in Ankara and Sofia are some of the valuable buildings which saw the history of Polish diplomacy in the making. Poland continues to use them to this day. Watch a film about these historic buildings produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On Saturday, January 17th, the elements that make up a large-scale model of this famous ocean liner MS Batory were transported to the seat of the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. Here – in the permanent exhibition space – its assembly shall soon commence, followed by additional modelling work. Due to its four-ton construction in 1:10 scale, as well as the meticulously reconstructed details based on documents acquired over many years, this is a unique undertaking in the world of museums. Over 20 people have been working on the model in the same way as they would build a real ship – the complete hull would even float on water.

Sets directions for actions; ensures the preparation and continuity of the work of the European Council; chairs meetings of EU heads of state; and presents reports on such meetings to the European Parliament – these are the principal tasks of the President of the European Council. Donald Tusk, until recently the Polish Prime Minister, assumed this office on December 1, 2014.