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We should stop publishing information about us and for us, which is only available in Polish. Let’s work on the information that is worth presenting to wider audience and be open to the outside world. In this way we will become more likeable and interesting to foreigners who, instead of having negative feelings, will pass on their good opinions about the valuable aspects of Poland and Polish people.

Americans of Polish descent, Polish immigrants and even a couple of “Poles by choice ” – 30 people told their life stories in a unique project run by the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. The artist photographer Tomek Zerek and researcher Dr Anna Muller spent a few weeks in a place which captivated them both. Hamtramck is a small town in the state of Michigan, an exceptional enclave of Polish Americans and perhaps also a lens of social change in the world of western culture. Meet the “People of Hamtramck” as the Emigration Museum welcomes you to the exhibition which tells their stories, on 12 November in the USA and 5 December in Poland.

The project is held under Link to Poland’s media patronage.

Since I can remember, I spent my whole life working on something. When I was graduating from the secondary school, I already had a complete plan for everything. I worked and studied externally at the same time. I tried to devote every spare moment to self-development and gaining knowledge to be better and better at work when I finally start my professional career…