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Macerata – the city of treasures and wonders – this is how the city is called by local citizens. It is also a city of musicians, craftsmen and all of the other professions which have an influence on development of this lovely place on Italian land.

„Vote! You are at home” campaign has been launched in Ireland today to encourage participation in Irish local elections. The campaign in targeting mainly the Polish community in Ireland but also provides information on the local elections to all on

How are Poles perceived in the world? Concerning Poles in Iceland, who form the largest, and also the most prominent ethnic minority in Iceland; regarding their projects that present Poland as an attractive and modern country – Mariusz Soltanifar talks to Miłosz Hodun – the co-founder of Icelandic Project: Poland.

According to the latest findings published by the The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau – SCP) 70% of Polish migrants in the Netherlands completed secondary or tertiary education. Polish migrants are also often employed in the construction industry, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and the industrial sector. Also striking is the high proportion of Poles with a higher education qualification who are employed in elementary occupations; in many cases, their work in the Netherlands is far below their qualification level – reveals the report.