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The slogan “Polska. Spring into.” coined by Wally Olins, under which a billboard campaign co-ordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was launched in London on May 19th, attracted massive attention at the very start. The master of global branding has come up with a catchphrase which was to be compelling, intriguing and inviting to debate – and so it turned out to be.

“Outstanding”, “controversial”, “brilliant”, “completely unnecessary” – The “Poland. Come and complain” campaign, which has divided recipients into two radical groups, is nearing its end. The organisers of this action evoking such extreme emotions have just published the last film in the campaign. At the end of April, they will say good-bye to over 30,000 fans on Facebook.

A debate called “Unity is Strength. First ladies of Polish promotion on building the “Polska” brand organised by the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation Teraz Polska and Teraz Polska magazine took place on 22 January 2014 at the Belweder Residence in Warsaw. It turns out that it is women who are responsible for promoting Poland in the most important Polish ministries. For the first time they had a chance to meet and talk about the need to promote the “Polska” brand better.

Over 150 billboards, nearly 200 advertising banners, and several megabillboards are promoting Poland in the largest cities of the Netherlands. The largest outdoor campaign in the history of the Polish Tourist Information Centre (PTIC) in Amsterdam is going to last for several weeks in September and October. The campaign is conducted in many cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almelo, Groningen, and Eindhoven.