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Gdańsk – an important point on the tourist map of the world. Its fascinating history is like a magnet, with majestic architecture, sea, beach and amber, but above all the spirit of liberty. It is here, in Gdańsk, a movement was born under the charismatic leadership of Lech Walesa which led to the fall of communism in Europe.

The Museum of the Second World War was formed on 26 November 2008. Gdańsk, the city where the war broke out, was selected to be the seat of the institution. The Museum’s future home is being built at Wałowa Street near the centre of the city. Its opening is being planned for 2016.

A new museum was opened on April 12, 2014 in the heart of Poznan. The Poznan Croissant Museum is situated inside a historic tenement building in the Old Market Square and offers fantastic views of the City Hall Tower with its legendary mechanical fighting goats.