Cracow best European city trip 2014

Cracow is the best European city trip in 2014. The Polish city received the highest consumer rating on holiday review site Zoover and hence wins the Zoover Award for best European city trip 2014. With an average score of 8.6 Cracow beats the Spanish city of Seville and Venice in Italy.

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Zoover took into account more than 30,000 reviews of popular cities in Europe, looking at nightlife, culture, surroundings, atmosphere and quality of hotels. Most conspicuous are the 4 and 5 star hotels in Cracow. These get the highest score of all European city breaks with an average of 8.7. The city also scores exceptionally high for culture, getting a 9.0.

According to the Deputy Head of Polish Embassy, dr Piotr Perczyński this award is a great, deserved honour for the city: “It is fantastic news for Cracow and for all of us. But not really surprising to anyone that has ever been to this beautiful city. We are very pleased that visitors have given it these high rates on Zoover in this competition of such wonderful cities of Europe.

Affordable and with friendly residents

Visitors are often surprised by the city on the Vistula River. Alongside the cultural experience, the friendliness of residents and good affordability make it unique, according to visitors of the 25 European Zoover sites. “We are happy that European Travellers appreciated Cracow – said Andrzej Pawluszek, director of the Polish National Tourist Office in Amsterdam. “Cracow defeated Rome, Berlin, Venice. I think it should be taken into consideration when planning the next holiday trip.”

A visitor to Cracow writes on Zoover: “For those who want to visit a city in Europe and thought they had seen it all, then Cracow is an absolute must” Also beyond the city centre there is lots to see and do: “Go and take a look outside the centre in the Jewish district of Kazimierz, the Soviet neighbourhood of Nowa Huta, or visit the viewpoint on the Kosciuszko mound.

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Source: Zoover

Photo © Anna Karahan