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Dinara from Kazakhstan: Lodz is fascinating!

Our series “Studies in Poland – My Memories” presents the profiles of people who have decided to travel to Poland to study. We ask them about the reasons of choosing our country. How the Polish educational system and Polish universities differ from those in their native country. We also ask them what kind of details from Poland they will remember the most. Was it a challenge to communicate with the Polish people? What do they think of the Polish students and professors? We will also bring up a number of other issues. Today Dinara from Kazakhstan.

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Name: Dinara

Country of origin: Kazakhstan

Field of studies: Economic and Sociology


Who are you? Briefly describe yourself (name, country you come from, where and what you study in Poland).

Hi! My name is Dinara. I am 18 year-old Kazakh girl from Kazakhstan, Kyzyl-Orda. It is a great state with a rich history, ancient culture and unique nature. Kazakhstan gained independence twenty two years ago, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Modern Kazakhstan – an independent, sovereign, democratic country with a stable economy and great plans for the future. Our country is multinational. In Kazakhstan live more than 130 different nationalities. The peace-loving policy of the state, the development of intellectual and economic potential – the key to future prosperity. It is the place where space dreams and projects have come into reality. I studied Accounting and Auditing at the Korkyt ata Kyzylorda State University (KKSU). It is the leading center of education, a science and culture in Aral region of Republic Kazakhstan. So, because of the opportunities that our country gives us, now I am a student of University of Lodz in Faculty of Economic and Sociology.

How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

Now XXI century – the century of the new generation, who will become a mainstay of the young state. We should pay great attention to study, to try to acquire maximum knowledge. The State of the new millennium need in educated, active people. Our state’s future depends on us. “Kazakhstan needs an intellectual revolution that will awaken and realize the potential of our nation,” – said Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of my country. I always dreamed study in Europe. I had known that in Poland the high quality of education and heard that the University of Lodz is one of the leading universities in Poland. And therefore, when suddenly in my university was a happy opportunity to go there for a one-semester as a mobility direct student I couldn’t loose this chance!

What do you like about studying in Poland (Lodz)?

Of course at first the educational system and relationship between teachers and students. I like all my teachers. And I liked that here I have two days on weekends, cause in my country we study on Saturday too. I live in the dormitory for all foreign students. I like that there are so many different students from different countries. We have a lot of fun together. I have been here only three weeks, and has already been on so many different events, I like that the university often organizes various activities for us and I want to say thank you!

Do you remember your first days of studying in Poland? What was your first impression about the country?

Lodz is a very beautiful city. There are so many attractions, historical buildings, the majesty of which is fascinating, taking my breath away. People here are very friendly, willing to help in any question and even if you do not know their language as well. And I thought that here will be very cold, but here is not so cold. Although I have not seen a winter yet, so I do not know. Of course, the new study, in a foreign language – the first working days are difficult. But I loved my university. I liked that here so many different festivals and design events, fashion weeks… A great number of cultural events.

What has surprised you in Poland?

I thought that Polish people here speak Russian language. For my three-week stay here I have met only two persons who can speak Russian. Actually I was very surprised about shops and minimarkets here – they are closed on weekends! And there are night buses, in my city buses are driven till 10 o’clock!

Would you recommend Poland as a place to study?

Of course. Poland is a Europe, a gateway to Europe. Excellent higher education. And the enchanting beauty of the old European style.

Can you compare your country to Poland? What are the differences or similarities?

The first big difference is, of course, the language, there is nothing to common. And there are certain differences in the ways of life between these two historically reach countries. We have very different culture. My country seems to be a bit more traditional, Asian. Poland a bit more European. But of course people of our country are similar friendly, amiable, responsive and etc. And about some differences I said before in some answers.

What are your favourite places/cities in Poland?

There is a beautiful street, the main center of social life in Lodz – Piotrkowska Street, originating from the octagonal Liberty Square and stretching for several kilometers. It is the longest pedestrian area in the country, along which is built the great variety of shops, restaurants, sidewalk cafes and entertainment venues. But actually I like to go, to walk anywhere here. For me, everything is new, everything is interesting and taking my breath away.

What do you do in your spare time in Łódź?

As I said before, the University of Lodz always organizes meetings, parties, trips, etc. We attend them in their spare time. Or we just walking, see sightseeing… and of course we go to the shopping. The main thing you need to know about shopping in Lodz – the name of the unique retail and entertainment complex “Manufacture”. It has everything you could wish for the soul: movie theaters, bars and restaurants, children’s entertainment center, a two-story mall with lots of shops and boutiques and so on. All products of Polish producers (and not only them) can be bought there. Compare with this shopping mall can only “Gallery” on the street Pilsudski.

If you think “Poland” what first come to your mind? Did you have any stereotypes about the country that you claim they are true or definitely not true?

Europe, old great buildings in the European style, which have a rich history sightseeing, Polish traditional soup Żurek …
I had a stereotype that Polish people are blond… then it turned out that most of them are not blond.

How well do you know Polish? (your attitude to Polish language, the funniest or the most difficult Polish words for you)

I do not know Polish. I know only some words, expressions: cześć, jak się masz, dzień dobry, dobry wieczór, ile to kosztuje and etc. The funniest Polish word for me, but I do not know why, was dziewięć and dziesięć. A am interested in learning Polish language. So, I choose it as a subject to my Learning Agreement.

What are your nearest plans in Poland and generally?

At the first I am going to successfully pass my exams at the University of Lodz. I really enjoy being here, I am having a lot of fun, I have made many friends and enjoy this time of being student in this country. I am very happy and proud to study in the University of Lodz, but after the end of the semester I will come back to my home city and open new opportunities for myself!


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