Travel: Interlude in Europe with Grace Nagiecka & Greg Spring

Jan 30 – Feb 6th, 2018, Tue for 2 weeks from 4.00 – 6.00 p.m. / Sullivan Learning Center, 1888 US Highway 1, Sullivan, ME 04664 room 2

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Where: Sullivan

Grace Nagiecka and Greg Spring are a dramatic change to the traditional definition of what it means to be retired. To fulfill a dream of wanderlust, they scaled down their lives to live on Social Security in Kraków, Poland. Grace is Polish with a dual citizenship and Greg is a professional photographer. Unlike a typical travelogue, Greg’s photography combined with Grace’s cultural insight are highlights in this class.

You will see Poland, a country off the well-worn tread of popular European destinations, illustrated through street and architectural photography. You’ll also hear travel tips, as well as stories about a less well known historic country. Exciting, romantic and relatively inexpensive European cities like Valetta in Malta, Tallin, in Estonia and Lviv in the Ukraine as well as Barcelona in Spain and Doolin in Ireland will be introduced. Sharing this two-year expat venture through Europe will inspire you to plan your own trip. Discover how you might be able to afford an interlude in Europe by choosing more affordable destinations.

Grace and Greg’s talk will also touch on genealogy, history, culture, people, food and music. This is a two-part presentation.

Poland will be the focus of the first part and other European countries the second night.


More information and registration: Interlude in Europe with Grace and Greg

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Photos © Greg Spring

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