Foreign eyes on Poland

„Expedition to the Poles” or how to understand Poles?

Do you actually understand all the mannerisms and quirks of your Polish friends and neighbours? Why is your friend Marek so reluctant to shake hands when greeting you at the door? Why does Anna hold a button on her blouse whenever she sees a chimney sweeper? This book will give you the answers to these questions and more!

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Dzień dobry! – Tag Guten ! – Morning Good !

I would like to present you my book called „Expedition to the Poles”.

It is a collection of short stories about the Polish mentality selected from my previous books on Poles, which have only been published in Polish and German. They included “Polska da się lubić” / “Viva Polonia” and “Expedition zu den Polen. Eine Reise mit dem Berlin-Warszawa-Express” / “Berlin-Warszawa-Express. Pociąg do Polski.”

With the help from an English writer I have prepared this new version of my stories in English, describing Poles in a humorous way: starting from superstitions to the art of paying compliments.

The book is available mainly as an e-book. I hope it will make English-speaking people like their Polish neighbours even more and that Poles will enjoy reading stories about themselves.

The book is available in the epubli online bookstore: „Expedition to the Poles”

Cheers, Steffen Möller


Click on the book cover and read a sample: