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Holdis branded coffee tables will change every interior

In Autumn 2015, thanks to a passion for wood, HOLDIS was created. The idea was simple – to give a client-personalised product, which perfectly suits every interior. A simple sketch was enough to create an exceptional table.

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Karol Wójcik, a 21-years-old student of Economy and founder of Holdis, personally designs and finishes every table. What makes every Holdis product so incredible is an individual approach and handmade details.

Holdis is probably the only such brand in Poland, maybe even in Europe. The coffee tables are shaped like countries or cities and the Polish products are made with only high-end materials. First, the wood from which tabletops are cut comes from a reliable supplier. With the accuracy of up to 0.01mm, the tabletops are then cut with a CNC machine (controlled automatically). The third step is the most labor-intensive, and involves manually finishing and proofing. In addition to the unique shape of these tables, 1940s-style hairpin legs are a trademark of the Holdis brand.

What makes Holdis tables so special is that every customer has a great impact on how the final product will look. Thanks to contact with wood designers, they are able to decide about the shapes and colours of their projects.


The 2016 collection offers various tables, with Holdis Warsaw and Holdis Poland in the spotlight. Tabletops are made of oak and beech, which makes them very solid, and natural grains make them even more unique. The coffee tables are very practical, but their functionality is also combined with great design.


Source: Holdis

Photo © Karol Wójcik, Holdis