Hurricane of Hearts for Ukrainian Children – support the campaign!

FREEDOM it is a very powerful word.
It means that you can live the way you wish.
It means you can raise your children according to your cherished beliefs.
It means you can steer the destiny of you and your family’s life, and choose the best option for yourself.

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As our life goes on uninterrupted, we do not even realise how lucky we are having this priceless treasure, freedom. Sometimes, dreadful events events make us remind ourselves about this fact.

Like now when we are witnessing a heroic battle for freedom in Ukraine. Men and women united arm in arm proclaiming, “No” to enslavement of the nation, and “No” to corruption and the lies of the government.

For days and nights they gather in the main square of their capital to fight for the values they believe in, in order to carve out a space for freedom and a fairer future for their children. So strong is their determination, that some of these brave men and women have paid the ultimate price – their life.

But those people are not the only victims of the recent events. There are also those who are not so visible, but they are ever-present and they suffer differently.

Children – small, innocent beings, are caught up in the conflict and do not understand what is happening. All they know is that their parents are stressed, sad, distant, tired and desperate. All they know is that they are feeling scared. The security that every single child should be entitled to, has been abruptly taken away from them.

That is why the organisation Hurricane of Hearts, in the cooperation with one of the biggest Ukrainian charities, Heart to Heart (the Ukrainian version of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) has decided to collect money to enhance these children’s welfare.

Let’s put smiles back on their faces. Let’s help families in Ukraine who suffer in their battle for freedom. Let’s do something for children -TOGETHER!!!

You can donate money on the Hurricane of  Hearts website.
All raised monies will be passed directly to the Heart to Heart foundation in Ukraine.