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IT professionals want to work in Poland

According to Antal’s report “IT@PL” on the IT labour market in Poland, IT specialist are interested in continuation of their career in Poland rather than in going abroad. When looking for new employer, they like more to choose prestigious companies than those that offer them better salaries. The results of the survey conducted under Polish Infomation and Foreign Investment Agency patronage.

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One fifth of Polish programmers is not interested in looking for job abroad. Furthermore, 34% of them have never worked outside Poland. However, if asked about factor that would push them to work abroad, the vast majority of IT professionals mentioned ‘money’ as the crucial condition (72%). When considering emigration, Polish programmers are looking for new opportunities to improve their skills (50%) while 30% of them would like to experience new business environment. Antal also asked the respondents about the country they would like to go to. The closest destination in the Western Europe occurred to be the most attractive for them (72%).

According to Michał Szaraniec, Polish Infomation and Foreign Investment Agency expert, IT sector is one of the fastest growing in Poland. Today, the internal IT market is matured and covers not only metropolitan areas. Also medium and smaller cities as Bielsko-Biała, Koszalin or Zielona Góra seem to be a very fast growing IT centres as well.


Raport IT@PL – rynek pracy IT w Polsce (Polish version only – PDF)


Source: Polish Infomation and Foreign Investment AgencyAntal

Picture © Antal