Poland Through Foreign Eyes – an album by Swedish photographer Georg van der Weyden

“…multidimensional and intriguing Poland demands at least a book.”

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It all started when Swedish photographer Georg van der Weyden, an avid buff of all things Polish, set out on a journey around our country. The trip marked the beginning of a unique undertaking – a project titled “Poland Through Foreign Eyes”.

This gem publication is the outcome of years of work by Georg. The photographer brings our country closer to foreigners and explores the beauty so far unknown to Polish natives themselves, through both images and words. The book captures the elusive: the mentality and motivation of the inspired Poles, thanks to whom Poland is a country we can be proud of. Much like Poland itself, his work is dynamic, sensitive, humorous and unflinching – all at the same time.

The photographs depict the uniqueness of Poland: rich culture, striking scenery, intriguing history, strong beliefs, stark contrasts and fascinating people.

The beautiful, and sometimes unexpected, compositions showcase a cheerful and stimulating country in full bloom, allowing readers to take a look at Poland from a different perspective and truly fall in love with it.

The publication includes texts both in Polish and English. It includes an introduction by Kjell Albin Abrahamson, foreign correspondent and writer. Georg’s background as an advertising photographer has shaped the book’s aesthetics. We invite you to take a glimpse at Poland through foreign eyes.


More information about the project can be found on: Poland Through Foreign Eyes