Polish street art on CNN

CNN’s “On the Road” has featured Poland recently. As a part of it CNN has published more information and a picture gallery dedicated to Polish Street Art. One of the artists featured is Natalia Rak, with whom we are in touch and we present a part of her work today.

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Several Polish artists have started transforming the sides of houses and apartment blocks into enormous murals. This vibrant street art has recently received a lot of attention – as well as the artists themselves. They have been recoginsed by international media, such as CNN.

One of the works presented most recently is a beautiful painting by Natalia RakThis young, aspiring Polish artist, along with other passionate artists, was granted permission from the local municipality to paint buildings without being fined or arrested.

The picture above presents “The Legend of the Giants’, in Bialystok.

More information about Polish street art can be found on CNN website under this link.

We kindly encourage all of you to watch CNN’s television series “On the Road”, which explores the places, the people and the passions that are unique to Eastern Europe. Watch the episodes during the week of November 18 and the special half-hour show on November 23 & 24.

Photo © Natalia Rak