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Said from Turkey: when I go abroad, I miss Poland

Our series “Studies in Poland – My Memories” will present the profiles of people who have decided to travel to Poland to study. We will ask them about the reasons of choosing our country. How the Polish educational system and Polish universities differ from those in their native country. We will also ask them what kind of details from Poland they will remember the most. Was it a challenge to communicate with the Polish people? What do they think of the Polish students and professors? We will also bring up a number of other issues. Today Said from Turkey.

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Name: Said Murat

Country of origin: Turkey

Name of university: Vistula University, Warsaw

Field of studies: Computer Engineering

Period of residence in Poland: 4 years


What promoted you to leave your native country and study in Poland?

I have a few reasons. But the main reason is, a different education system in Turkey. It was quite bad at that time, 4-5 years ago. Then I was looking for some European countries to study. I contacted with my friend. He was studying in Poznan that time as a lover of Poland. This was also a good reason for me, to choose Poland.


Studying in another country is great opportunity for traveling and learning about a new culture. Which three places in Poland would you recommend to your friends and why?

Sure I have many places I can recommend to friends. I live in Warsaw. That’s why first of all, I recommend ‘Nowy Swiat’ street and Old Town (Stare Miasto) in Warsaw.

Secondly, I really must recommend Gdansk! Especially in Summer, Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia are great places to see. Amazing sea and beach! Go to seaside and spend great time with friends on the beach while you are drinking your coffee.

Thirdly, let’s go to Cracow! I’m sure you all will fall in love with Cracow, as I do. You can never realize how fast time is running there. It’s really an international city, I can say. You should visit Wieliczka Salt Mine which is so close to Cracow.


What has surprised you the most during your stay in Poland?

Hmm… Yes, I have a lot of things I have surprised. First of all, Poland is much quieter than Turkey. Especially in the evening, in weekdays, there is no voice out. My country is little bit different in this case. Secondly, Polish language made me shocked actually. Yes, it’s a hard language as we all know. But I really love this language! Lastly, I love to see Polish people, in public transport, while they are reading books. It’s great!


How have the Polish people treated you? How about the lecturers?

I have surprised in this case as well. Poland is an European country. That’s why I expected ‘more surly’ people. But Polish people are so friendly like Turks. When I say, I’m from Turkey, they just say ‘wooow’. Yes, this is what I love. Especially, people who are educated know it well that, we have good relations between Poland and Turkey, since over 600 years. That’s why, lecturers also even try to say some Turkish to me, to make me smile.


Would you say that Poles are diligent students, or that they party more than they study?

Ah, I can say both. Because I know some friends who are so diligent. They love to spend time at the library. But when it’s time to make party, let’s go! Actually this is what supposes to be. Because they make party when they have free time. For sure, there are som exceptions, who are lazy and cannot live without party. But frankly speaking, in my area, there are really diligent and intelligent engineers. Lastly, for sure, everyone loves making party!


What was the most difficult change for you during the beginning of living in Poland? Cultural differences, language, climate, cuisine etc? Have you had any amusing incidents due to those differences that you would like to share?

I love this question. I lived in Russia for 4 years. But still climate was hard in the beginning of living here. First of all, I had problems with eating actually. Because Turkish cuisine is much more different than Polish. But now, we can find good Turkish markets in Poland. So, the problem was solved some time ago. Cultural differences also were little bit problem. But not that much.


How has your time in Poland contributed to your future plans?

I have plans with Poland, actually. We have created a webpage, in 2010, about Poland. Polonyadan.Com is the first Turkish web portal which promotes Poland. I would like to make bigger business between Poland and Turkey. Because Poland is growing day after day faster than before. Poland and Turkey are quite important parts of the Europe. That’s why it’s a great idea to make more relations between two countries.


Looking back, was it a good decision to come to study in Poland?

Sure, YES! Poland is like my home now. When I go abroad, I miss Poland. Being a student in Poland makes me feel good always. I recommend Poland to all friend who haven’t decided where to study. We enjoy our life, and study here!