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Studying in Gdańsk

Studying in Gdańsk creates new opportunities for local and international students. Student’s life is not only about learning and books reading. Most importantly it is about meeting new people, exploring the world and getting a lifetime experience. Those are the main reasons why Gdańsk became one of the main destinations for students who decided to study in Poland.

Find out what international students think about studying in Gdańsk.

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There is a wide range of great universities in Gdańsk which are open towards the international students who wish to get their education in Poland. Main universities in Gdańsk are the Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk, which have their buildings not only in Gdańsk but in Sopot and Gdynia as well. Moreover Gdańsk offers more specialized universities as well, such as the Medical University of Gdańsk or Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk which have programmes in Polish and in English. Apart from the public universities, international students can decide to study at the highly specialized private colleges. Their main advantage is the lower, in the comparison to the public universities, tuition fee.

There is a lot of things to do in Gdańsk while being a student. You may spend your afternoon wandering around the city, admiring the architecture which attracts tourists from all over the world. If you get tired with the noise of the city, you can travel by bus a train to a long, sandy beach which is visited by students seeking for a peaceful place to relax (or to study).

In the evening Gdańsk becomes a place which is visited not only by students from Gdańsk but also by those studying in the cities nearby: Gdynia and Sopot. Together with Gdańsk, they create the Tricity, which provides its citizen and visitors with a combination of peaceful life, parties and historical places. Gdynia, famous from its harbour, is one of the best cities in Poland to live in. It’s a quiet city, with a good access to culture and education. On the other hand Sopot is being called a ‘partying capitol of Poland’. Fancy clubs, posh pubs and the longest wooden pier in Europe are the symbols of Sopot. Gdańsk is the biggest city in the Tricity and it stands for the historical place which attracts students and tourists with museum and beautiful architecture.

Studying abroad is a lifetime experience, which students like to share with others. Read the interviews with the international students who had a chance to live and study in Gdańsk.


Xian from China

Xian had been studying in Gdańsk for three years. She finds Poland and China to be very different from each other, especially the way of conducting classes and lectures at the university. In China students do not prepare as many projects as students in Poland. (read the interview)


Pierre-Yves from France

Pierre-Yves before going to Gdańsk thought that for nine months in a year Poland is covered in snow! He found out that is it is far from true. France and Poland are in some cases very alike. After returning from Erasmus programme to France Pierre-Yves became a vice-president of the International Students Association at his university. (read the interview)


Katalin Patricia from Hungary

Katalin Patricia has Polish roots, since her father is a Pole. She loves Polish old towns and the Baltic Sea. Katalin studied Economics in Gdańsk in Polish language and the most difficult for her, during studies, was to get used to the specific economic language used by the lecturers during classes. (read the interview)


Every year more and more international students come to study in Gdańsk. Some of them choose to study here for one year, as for the student’s exchange Erasmus programme, others are staying for the whole period of studies, graduating with Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degrees. Gdańsk is a city which creates opportunities, challenges and wonderful memories for students from all over the world.


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