Summer in Poland: Under the Linden Tree

If you are interested in relaxing in a beautiful, secluded, quiet and peaceful place, we invite you to Gostynin Lake District, Budy Lucieńskie. The farm “Pod Lipą” (Under the Linden Tree) is located directly above the large and clean Lucieńskie Lake and is over 4.5km long from west to east, which provides good winds for sailing, making it a friendly basin for sailors and windsurfers. Near to the home grows a beautiful, spreading, nearly 400-year-old linden tree – a natural monument.

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The farm is located in the heart of Gostynińsko-Włocławski Landscape Park. There are many landscape attractions in this place: varied sculpture, numerous inland dunes, magnificent lakes and extensive forest complexes stretching down the valley of the Vistula and Włocławek, which attract people seeking peace, direct contact with nature and active recreation.

Hikers and cyclists can enjoy numerous hiking trails leading through Gostynińsko Włocławski Landscape Park, allowing them to explore many nature reserves (eg “Lubaty”, “Lucień”, “Dolina Skrwy”), natural monuments and small villages with interesting old wooden houses. Nearby, there are also numerous and interesting architectural landmarks such as the Palace in New Duninów, the Old Town in Płock and the Gothic castle in Oporów.

Tourist attractions:

A stay at “Pod Lipą” – which is an oasis of peace and tranquility – creates the possibility of an interesting and enjoyable time. Guests resting at “Pod Lipą” can, amongst other things:

fish – you can fish in the lake in places not overgrown by vegetation, or from platforms or vessels.

Currently, Lucieńskie Lake, like the other lakes from Gostynin Lake District is managed by the Polish Angling Association Branch in Włocławek. In the farm, you can fish from the bridge, as well as from rowing boats. It is necessary to buy a Polish Angling Association special permit for fishing. Lucieńskie Lake is a zone of peace; it is prohibited here to use engines but it is possible to use electric motors. Anglers have the opportunity to catch: roaches, perches, tenches, pikes, breams and carps. If you want to buy fishing permits, you can get information by phone: 601 063 or 691 273 127.

pick mushrooms and fruit – enormous complexes of mixed forests stretching down to the River Vistula and Włocławek are very rich in mushrooms, berries, blueberries, cranberries.

• pick herbs – on the surrounding meadows of “Pod Lipą” there grows protected primrose, sand helichrysum and you can also find large fields of poppies.

roam – many hiking paths and natural-teaching designated paths. For a walk around the Lucieńskie Lake (about 11 km), you need to spend about 2.5 – 3 hours, it is possible to rest in Lucień.

have a walk with Nordic walking sticks (available at the house)

cycling – there are several designated cycling routes. Guests staying at “Pod Lipą” usually choose from the following short journeys:

– Nowy Duninów on the Vistula River (about 11 – 12 miles one way), above Jeziora Białe (the whole trip is approximately 15km).

– Soczewka on the Vistula River (two routes by Białe and Klusek – the easier route or difficult route, but with wonderful landscapes along the beautifully meandering Skrwa).

– On the Skrzyneckie Lake (about 10 miles one way), route passes through the village Lubiaty and Lipianki.

– To Baza Studencka in Kobyle Błota (about 8 miles one way).

– To Łąck (about 15 miles one way), route passes by Lucieńskie Lake and Białe to Gorzewo and later on Drzesno Lake by Sędeń to Łąck.

water sports – on Lucieńskie Lake, you can get around in rowing boats, kayaks, paddle boats and by windsurfing. For experienced kayakers, it is possible to flow down the beautifully meandering Skrwa to Soczewka and its confluence with the Vistula river.

play table tennis and badminton, volleyball, football (equipment available from the farm)

participate in hunting – here are several hunting clubs and you can see wild animals such as: elk, deer, wild boars, hares, pheasants, partridges and wild ducks. Abundance of the three last species is extremely high.

horse riding – nearby there are several stables of horses (Miałkówek, Bierzewice, Gorzewo) where you can get riding lessons and go for a ride through the forest (there are specially marked tourist trails for riding) or hire carriages and wagons for tours. From “Pod Lipą” you can go on a trip to Łąck, where contains the famous Stadnina Ogierów

observe wild animals and birds –  in the forests, you can find boars, fallow-deers, moose, otters, badgers and beavers. On the Łubieński Lake nest, amongst others: herons, cranes, wild ducks, coots, cormorants, grebes and mute and tufted swans. In spring and summer, in the surrounding meadows, you can find black and white wading storks. There are also birds of prey, such as: bald eagles, hawks and buzzards. For several years, beavers have lived in the waters of the lake, their activities being very visible. Amongst other signs, on the shore of the lake is a tree somehow still standing, despite being, bitten by beavers. Sometimes, on the shore of the lake near the bridge, you can find crayfish.

conduct open-air painting and photography – since 1998, The National “Plenery u Wójta” has been held every year in the summer in the late June and July. Organised in Lucień, this event attracts painters from all over the country.


“Pod Lipą” is located in Gostynińsko-Włocławski Landscape Park, in a 6.5-hectare field. The farm is located directly on Lucieńskie Lake (over 208 acres) near large forest complexes.

The two-storey guest house was built in 2006. It has 6 rooms for 2-4 persons with bathroom and TVs (max capacity: up to 16 persons), fireplace room (in cold weather it is possible to start a fire in the fireplace) equipped with TV, home cinema with the ability to play DVD movies and music from CDs. There is also a library with books, maps and tourist information; a large, fully-equipped kitchen; barbecue in the garden; a terrace with tables and chairs and a large garden with additional tables and benches as well as space for pitching tents or campers (electrical connections and toilets, sink and shower with hot water are available).

There is also a new building with professional kitchen facilities, a dining room, a conference room, an exercise room and an area of about 50 m2.

On the farm you can find:

• Big bridge

• Beach

• floating equipment: kayaks, boats, water bikes, windsurf board

• Bikes

• Amateur pitch for volleyball, badminton and football

• Children’s playground

• Barbecue

• Car parkingspace

• Unguarded swimming pool with gradual slope to the water

• Separate fireplace

Access: An important advantage of “Pod Lipą” is its good transport accessibility. It is near Łódź (about 90 km), Warsaw (about 100 km), Płock (about 25 km), Włocławek (about 40 km), Kutna (about 40 km).


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