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It is estimated that in approx. 80% of American homes we will find a tablet or a smartphone. Is the contact with these generally available devices safe for children? We are presenting the rules with which this contact will be safe.

They are learning that the Internet offers much more than just Facebook, games and YouTube and that our Museum is not a temple of glass display cabinets. The young participants of the programme “Museum. Share It!” discover the Emigration Museum’s exhibition in search of what is most interesting for them. For some it’s music, for others travel and dreaming of the big wide world. However, all of them will create individual and unique tour paths where they will soon be taking their nearest and dearest.

But how can we – average persons – be patriotic in our everyday life? How can we express our patriotism and how can children be patriotic in the time of peace? The answers are quite easy to most of us, adults, but they are not that obvious to children. That is why it is important to talk to them about it and teach them about national symbols as well.

The portal conducts the social campaign “We speak Polish at home!”, which aims to popularise the needs of talking with children in Polish. We want Polish parents to pay more attention to this issue and encourage their children to talk in Polish, and improve their pronunciation.

Young Poles can now play and learn the language together in a newly opened Young Poles’ Club in Chile’s capital, Santiago. Kids and their mums meet once a week and the initiative is supported by the Polish Embassy in Santiago.