Teraz Polki! – TOP 10 influential Polish women according to Teraz Polska

March is a month of women. A natural comment to contemporary cultural and social changes is emphasising that women’s influence is growing. We do it by presenting a list of the most influential Polish representatives of the fair sex.

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While preparing the list we wanted to verify and demonstrate that the change is happening before our very eyes and that the influential Polish women leaders of different specialisations play a significant role in shaping our reality. Everything indicates that women’s influence is growing exponentially. Which women have the biggest impact on Polish business, politics, culture, sport and the society – on today’s Poland in general?

We nominated women who represent various spheres of life and specialisations and thus the final list should not be treated like a ranking – all the positions on the top ten influential women list are equal and they are presented in an alphabetical order.

Here are 10 most influential Polish women according to Teraz Polska:

Elżbieta Bieńkowska – for showing exceptional professional knowledge and skills as well as doing a merit-based career from a self-government employee to the Deputy Prime Minister

Henryka Bochniarz – for having a significant influence in the world of economy and for being a prominent example of an opinion-maker in business

Anna Grodzka – for having courage to become the first transsexual deputy in the history of European parliamentarism and for showing that one can be proud of being different.

Agnieszka Holland – for being aware of having a recognisable name and a huge impact and using them for important initiatives that change our reality in a positive way

Ewa Kopacz – for doing an exceptional political career from a doctor to the second most important person in the country as well as for showing intransigence in expressing opinions

Justyna Kowalczyk – for controlling the collective imagination and proving that a woman can stand up to everybody, regardless of their position, be in the right and win

Agnieszka Odorowicz – for changing the situation in the world of cinematography in the sense that before there was no money for making films and now there is

Monika Olejnik – for having ambition and daring style as well as for pointing out her interlocutors’ mistakes uncompromisingly

Solange Olszewska – for creating an absolutely innovative, 100%-Polish product and a global brand identified with Poland

Nina Terentiew – for having a great talent, tact and incredible intuition as well as doing an exemplary work despite changing times and circumstances


Detailed explanations and opinions can be found on Teraz Polska website.

The list was prepared by Adam Szejnfeld (Sejm Deputy), Dariusz Żuk (President of Entrepreneurial Poland), Ryszard Kalisz (Sejm Deputy), Andrzej Matusiak (culture manager), Andrzej Pągowski (graphic artist), Robert Korzeniowski (race walker, multiple Olympic medallist), Krzysztof Przybył (President of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation), Adam Mikołajczyk (managing editor of “Teraz Polska” magazine) and Kamil Broszko (editor of “Teraz Polska” magazine).

Photos © Courtesy of Senat and Sejm Press Offices, Kama Bork Photography, Kamil Broszko, Marcin Kułakowski, PISF, Robert Kowalewski, Adam Kozak/Agencja Gazeta, Zuza Krajewska&Bartek Wieczorek /for Polsat.