Aldona Kałuża – CEO and Founder of PolskaPROject, Editor-in-Chief of portal StrefaPL

“International newspapers write about Poland – finally they also report its growth, potential and investments. We are in a good moment for a positive and vast communication about our country. It’s the best time to promote Poland. Still, despite many needs and a flood of promotional projects at the same time, there are not many of them, which would combine an international scale, latest information and visualisation. Link to Poland has understood how to promote Poland and Polish people in a modern way and on a global scale, which means in many different languages. Although it has been operating for a relatively short time, it has already created its own network of contacts around the world. When I saw what this portal offers and how it presents its content for the first time I thought: “This is it! It’s a modern communication tool, a well-thought strategy as well as creative and open editorial staff.” If Polish promotion needs anything today, it is such projects as Link to Poland. Maybe instead of creating more and more mini portals and information platforms or focusing on one subject all the time we should follow the Link to Poland’s example, invest in a tried-and-tested concept and help it grow. As far as the French side is concerned, Link to Poland already has a partner – the StrefaPL portal that I run. I hope that it’s just the beginning of our cooperation and that everything that is interesting and positive is still ahead of us! Polish people living abroad can do great things! They not only open stores and companies but they are also great at communicating and promoting their country! Go Link to Poland! Good luck in your future endeavours. You can always count on StrefaPL!”