Dobek Pater – Managing Director at Africa Analysis

„South Africa seems to be positioned at the end of the world, also looking from today’s global village perspective. Until recently the lack of regular contacts with the Polish world of business, except some individual cases, was very noticeable. So far Poland has played a minor role in business and investment relations with Sub-Saharan Africa but the situation is changing.

The project initiated by Link to Poland can become an important element in developing business, cultural and political relations with African companies, organisations and countries. Link to Poland is an excellent source of information and advice on the current issues connected with Poland, offering something interesting to people from different circles. The fact that the website is available in English is also very important. Poland should be promoted mainly outside the country and among non-Polish people. Along with the development of the website, it will undoubtedly play a significant role in bringing together individuals and organisations on different levels.”