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The Poster Remediated – the competition kicked off

Entries are welcome for the competition “The Poster Remediated” at the 25th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. The competition held as part of the 25th edition of the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw is open to entries from 15 March 2016. Artists and graphic design studios from all over the world are invited to create short animations based on the selected posters awarded at the Biennale. Entries may be submitted until 10 May 2016. The International Poster Biennale in Warsaw is organised by the Poster Museum at Wilanów.

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The competition “The Poster Remediated” is open to individual artists, graphic design studios and creative groups from all over the world. The task is to produce an animation based on one of 10 iconic posters selected from the designs awarded in the 50 years of history of the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. The selection was made by the curator of the main exhibition and the competition, David Crowley – professor at London’s Royal College of Art. The posters can be viewed and downloaded at Warsaw’s Poster Museum.

The competition posters are: “Dylan” by Milton Glaser (1966), “Text, Buchstabe, Bild” Marion Diethelm (1970), “The Sleep of Reason” by Roman Cieślewicz (1976), “Corners – Painterly and Sculptural Work” by Jacqueline S. Casey (1979), “Attention. Au Début Hitler Faisait Rire” by Alain Le Quernec (1987), “Save the Human Right” by Finn Nygaard (1998), “Love, Peace and Happiness” by Shin Matsunagi (1986), “…and our world is still alive” by Tahamtan Aminian (2003), “Immigration, Fear or Hope?” by Shaghayegh Fakharzadeh (2011), and “Welcome to Paradise III” by Małgorzata Gurowska (2013).

Entries may be submitted from 15 March to 10 May 2016.

From all entries submitted, the judges (Magdalena Frankowska, Grzegorz Laszuk, Agata Szydłowska) will shortlist the best 10 animations, one for each of the competition posters. The animatons will be included in the main exhibition of the 25th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw. The winner will then be chosen from the finalists, and awarded EUR 1000.

The results of the competition will be announced on 15 May 2016.


25th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw “The Poster Remediated” will be held from 11 June to 25 September 2016.


Graphics © 1. Poster: Małgorzata Gurowska (Poland), “Welcome to Paradise III”, 2013. Announcing an exhibition by Anka Dabrowska, Gurowska’s design does not make direct reference to the artist’s work but to its dark mood.

© 2. Poster: Milton Glaser (USA), Dylan, 1966. Milton Glaser’s Dylan poster was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s 1957 self-portrait. It also anticipated the psychedelic effects of much Counter-culture design of the late 1960s. “The history of visual things in the world,” says Glaser, “is my playpen.” The poster was designed to be folded and packaged into Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” LP.


For more information, please visit: Warsaw’s Poster Museum