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PEKAES, a leading logistics, has completed an assignment for CAN-PACK S.A. which involved a shipment, carried out under special supervision, of equipment for aluminium can production line. The cargo, of total weight exceeding 80 tons, was shipped from Poland to Romania.

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Transportation of machinery for the new production line was split into two convoys. To complete the assignment PEKAES used special extendable low loader trailers.

The shipment itself involved in total 10 brand new pieces of equipment − key components for production line of metal packaging.

The magnitude of a logistics challenge involving transportation of oversized cargo is not only about its unusual dimensions and enormous weight but also about extreme caution that must be used when transporting such cargo. The route from Poland to Romania ran via Slovakia and Hungary. The section of the entire trip that was particularly difficult was the Romanian section, where a major part would involve driving on mountain roads with many turns. The drivers had to be extremely cautious and precise. Along the entire trip the convoy would have support from civil escorting services.

I was assigned with a task to transport some challenging oversized components of a new production line in Bucharest.  The key role in the entire process would be that of time and proper protection of the cargo. All pieces of the equipment required robust protection against detrimental weather conditions and of course against damage of any kind. Despite unfavourable, windy weather and pouring rain, the operation was carried out as scheduled and the equipment reached the destination intact. – says Robert Alot, the Manager of Oversized Transport Department at PEKAES.

PEKAES launched its oversized cargo service for Customers seeking to assign shipment of cargo with unusual size or extreme weight, such as steel structures, industrial machinery  and equipment, construction and agricultural machinery and any other oversized cargo, including yachts, boats or rail vehicles. Using different means of transportation, PEKAES is capable of offering oversized cargo shipment services virtually all over the globe.

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