About the project

Link to Poland was founded in 2012 as an interactive, as well as apolitical and non-religious portal, oriented not only to Poles and to people of Polish origin all over the world, but also to foreigners who are interested in business, tourism and education in Poland.

Compendium of knowledge

Link to Poland presents achievements and accomplishments of Poles working and living abroad. Portal Link to Poland is a good source of information and articles presenting a global point of view on Polish affairs. They are presented in the following sections: Business, Job, Science, Culture, Children, Migration, Students, Projects, Tourism or Lifestyle and Events.

An active brand creation

Thanks to the close cooperation with the Polish organisations all over the world, we inform about the Polish culture, traditions, activities of Poles and interesting events taking place in the world with the participation of the Poles. Portal also presents and appreciates those, who without fanfares, without awards and orders, have an impact to the positive image of Poland in the world, from Brazil through Kazakhstan to New Zealand.

Invitation to cooperation

Link to Poland is not a traditional portal, but a modern, interactive and dynamic platform to exchange ideas, opinions and information about Poland and Poles in the world, portal for which there are no boundaries. We invite you to cooperation, leaving comments, writing letters and articles. Your voice is a very important element of the portal. You can present your point of view, opinions and the way of thinking.