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Decision to emigrate is difficult whether it was a well-considered or very spontaneous one. Returning to Poland and finding one’s feet in a new reality, different from the one left behind when going away, is also a great challenge. For some people this is a matter of priorities and values close to one’s heart while for others – a chance for new opportunities and fulfilling one’s dreams. Together with Franklin Templeton Investments we continue the campaign called “Follow your heart. Come back to Poznań” and a series of interviews with people who returned to Poland after years of emigration. Meet the second one of them: Karolina Noszkowicz.

Immigrants’ linguistic abilities have an important impact on their access to employment opportunities on foreign labour markets. According to the American Community Survey, over 220,000 Poles in the United States (either immigrants or those who report Polish ancestry) are classified by the U.S. Census Bureau as limited English proficient (LEP) individuals. About 40% of Polish immigrants speak English less than very well.

Our Team member, Francesco Carovillano is an Italian photographer, videographer and globetrotter, resident of Paris where he owns Photo studio. His imagines are regularly published on major travel magazines (among them: National Geographic, Lonely Planet ect.) books and advertisements.
After years of teaching photography workshops Francesco has realised that personalised one-to-one training is the best way to teach aspiring photographers. Do you want to join his Mentoring & Follow-up program?

On 9-10th October, the city of Krakow hosts the CYBERSEC Forum 2017, one of the top cybersecurity conferences in Europe. The Forum is a two-day event engaging 130 speakers and more than 1,000 delegates from all over the world.

In an increasingly multicultural world, it’s no surprise that many famous Brits have firm roots in Poland. More personalities than you might have thought for sure. Here, we compile a list of iconic Brits hailing from a Polish background or history…

In the popular opinion on Christian holidays, Christmas may take the entire spotlight with its joyful, pervasive celebrations commencing months before. But make no mistake: for millions of Poles, Easter is the most momentous time of a year. And while non-religious people may only notice it is upon them when seeing seasonal chocolates in their local stores, chances are their Polish neighbours have already started the preparations to what will become an uncanny, three-day springtime feast.

They are cunning, ruthless and have only one goal, to gain access to sensitive data on the corporate network. Today it’s not only personal data but also image and video files (for example, industrial surveillance cameras footage) that hackers are looking for. Will the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation convince businesses to increase spending on network data protection? What should they keep in mind and pay attention to? How can they prepare for this EU revolution and avoid painful repercussions for failing? Business owners have slightly over two years to prepare their IT infrastructure for the new regulations.