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Immigrants’ linguistic abilities have an important impact on their access to employment opportunities on foreign labour markets. According to the American Community Survey, over 220,000 Poles in the United States (either immigrants or those who report Polish ancestry) are classified by the U.S. Census Bureau as limited English proficient (LEP) individuals. About 40% of Polish immigrants speak English less than very well.

The educational set Gwiazdka z nieba aimed at bilingual children, age 1 – 3, who start their first adventure with Polish at domestic conditions, within the foreign language and culture environment.

The educational set Gwiazdka z nieba was published under Link to Poland’s media patronage.

Every other child aged 4–6 considers an iPad to be a learning aid, while only 33% of children refer to iPhones as being such tools. While experts are issuing warnings about dangers resulting from exceedingly frequent use of mobile devices, we would like to examine the benefits of children using such technologies.

Summer holidays in a picturesque forest holiday resort located by the Łapińskie Lake on the Polish coast plus adventure and having fun with kids and teenagers from all over the world – such a combination can only happen during the summer camp organised by the Academy of Polish Language from Gdańsk!

The first Polish Bilingual Day was organised on 10 October 2015 in the USA and Ukraine. In 2016 the Polish Bilingual Day will be celebrated on 15 and 16 October in the American cities of New York, Mahwah (NJ), Clifton (NJ), Copiague (NY), Boston (MA), Denver (CO) and Chicago (IL) as well as in Canada, Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland.

The Polish Bilingual Day is held under Link to Poland’s media patronage.

Akademia Języka Polskiego (Academy of Polish Language) – the oldest Polish language school in Gdańsk, invite all children and teenagers (7-18 y.o.) to the Summer camp with Polish language course. The summer camp is organized in two locations Chmielno and Łapino near Gdańsk.

This unique celebration of children and Polish music will be held on April 12, 2015, at the initiative of the Polish-Canadian Centre for Education and the Polish Consulate in Toronto, the Festival of Polish Song in Canada.

The Festival is held under Link to Poland’s media patronage.

The jubilee 15th Children’s Polish Poetry Festival, Wierszowisko 2015, will take place this Sunday, 15th March 2015. As always, children, parents, teachers and invited guests will gather at the Maldenstijn Community Centre in Malden in the south of the Netherlands in order to admire the acting and declamatory skills of children from Polish schools.

Link to Poland supports Wierszowisko.