Our media patronage

The portal Link to Poland supports the initiatives of the Polish diaspora and Poles around the world and promote cultural, business, educational, sports and entertainment events on the basis of media patronage.

We are pleased to announce that Link to Poland was a media patron of the following initiatives and events:

Link to Poland media patronages in 2017

An international conference: Oceania – centre of the Pacific Rim

I Questing Festival

BBS Tour Bydgoszcz | BBS Tour Tricity 

Canal+Serialcon OFF Camera

Galileo Masters 2017

VIII Manufaktura Satyry

GramX-Promotion:  USA/Canada Concert Tour of T.Love

28th edition of the Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products -Tour Salon

XXVII edition of the “Teraz Polska” contest

Concert of Agnieszka Chylińska in Brussels

10th Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK

25th WOSP (GOCC) Grand Finale – supporting media

Link to Poland media patronages in 2016

3rd edition of the Polish-American Innovation Bridge

2nd edition of StartKRKup

4th edition of Wolves Summit


Open Eyes Economy Summit 2016

2nd Polish Bilingual Day

4th Emigrant Film Festival EMiGRA

6th Play Poland Film Festival

Polish clubtour of Dutch pianist Rogier Telderman

The PanPan – Laur record

2nd edition of The Voice of Polonia

“Listen Everywhere” Project 

The 8th European Festival of Taste in Lublin, Edition: Armenia

Polish Talent Support 

Folkowisko: Three Galicia

Bitspiration – a startup festival of CEE

7th edition of  Manufaktura Satyry

PolskaÉire Festival 2016 in Ennis

68th AIESEC International Congress 

2nd edition of the Polish Scientific Networks

ActInSpace – Hackathon of Space Technologies

XXVI edition of the “Teraz Polska” contest

European Rover Challenge

Galilleo Master contest

5th Jubilee Final Indoor Winter Cup 2016

14th edition of the FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland

Book „Polish Culinary Paths” 

The Best Event of Winter 2015/2016 

WorldFood Warsaw

World Commerce Summit

XVI Poetry Festival for Children Wierszowisko

Business Women Congress V4

50th Most Creative in Business contest

Pangea Network Forum

Next Step: Poland 

24th WOSP (GOCC) Grand Finale – supporting media

Link to Poland media patronages in 2015

Contest: „The best event of summer 2015″ 


3rd IT Future Expo 2015

IT Career Summit 2015

The Pole of the Year 2015 contest in the Netherlands

3rd edition of the IT Future Expo 2015

10th Jubilee Civic Congress: Poland Tomorrow. We can be better

13th FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland 

Faces of the Polish Diaspora: People of Hamtramck

The “Made in Poland” conference

10th Mini Volleyball Tournament for Girls

Polish Bilingual Day

9th edition of “Teraz Polska Promocja” contest

3rd Polish Forum of Entrepreneurs in Belgium

2nd Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in London

3rd Emigrant Film Festival EMiGRA

5th Play Poland Film Festival

The longest lonely traverse of Iceland

Poland Helps Poland

Wolf In Design 

Startup Weekend Space

The European Festival of Flavours in Lublin

4th Polish Festival Seattle 

6th Run For The Heart of Szczyrk The Brigand – the summer edition

Concert: Tango Extremo Quintet and Włodek Pawlik

The International Day of Mother and Child to support “AKogo?” Foundation

The School for Leaders for the Polish Community in North America 

School for Leaders – Scotland

Lebara Days of Poland Festival 2015

The contest “Zdolna Polonia”

3rd Brussels Cabaret Night

International Conference „Europe without borders”

3rd International Test of Polish as a Foreign Language

6th edition of Manufaktura Satyry

2nd European Rover Challenge

2nd edition of the contest “Business in Germany”

The conference “Kierunki rozwoju dla MŚP. Przyjdź – wybierz – działaj”

Polish Song Festival in Canada and Majka Jeżowska Concert

2nd edition of the Polish Culture Days in Udine

15th Children’s Polish Poetry Festival “Wierszowisko”

 V4 Business Women Congress 2015

The Conference “Show me, don’t tell me” 

Concert: Eldo & Pelson

The Conference “Invest with Emirates” 

The Final of the Winter Cup 2015

United States of Beta – Poles Jazz the World

The Contest: Outstanding Pole in France

The Contest: Outstanding Pole in The United Kingdom

VIII Pangea Conference “Transfers of Success”

Winter Run For The Heart of Szczyrk The Brigand

XXV edition of the “Teraz Polska” contest

23rd WOSP (GOCC) Grand Finale – supporting media

Concerts by Gram-X Promotions in 2015: Borixon | Sokół & Marysia Starosta | Myslovitz 

Gramy dla Dzieci in 2015: Family Day

Link to Poland media patronages in 2014

The Polish Women in France Calendar – Second Edition

8000km Across Canada

The Little Red Riding Hood and Winter Games with the Elves

An unique book – by Szczepan Sadurski

The final of “The Voice of Polonia” international competition

22nd International Travel Show TT Warsaw

2nd Polish Forum of Entrepreneurs in Belgium

“Pole of the Year in Belgium” Contest

Pole of the Year 2014 in the Netherlands

Dutch Polish Business Award 2014

9th Mini Volleyball Tournament for Girls in Kolobrzeg

A popular science conference: “Science. Polish Perspectives”

1st Conference of Polish Diaspora “Made with Poland”

4th Play Poland Film Festival

Rotherham Business Festival

Budka Suflera Tour

The Emigration Films Festival EMiGRA 

2nd Polish Businesswoman Congress 2014

School for Leaders: The Leadership Training in France

V Forum of Polish Business in the Netherlands

4th Men’s and Women’s Volleyball World Championship of Polish Communities

FSB & ASBIRO UK National Tour 2014

European Rover Challenge 2014

8th edition of “Teraz Polska Promocja” contest

“Wojna w Jangblizji. W Domu” by Agnieszka Steur

The Charity Concert: Michał Rudaś for the Global Language Foundation

School for Polish Cultural Animators

The Seminar – 10 years after the 2004 EU Enlargement

Polish Picnic “Polska Power- Zakopower

360 Forum

71. Tour de Pologne /Skandia Maraton Lang Team

The project “France with passion”

V edition of “Manufaktura Satyry”

Expedition “Pursuit of Inner Freedom”

Polish Culture Days in Udine

Polish Businesswomen Congress 2014

Outstanding Pole Abroad 2014 contest

11th World Winter Olympics of Polish Communities – Karkonosze 2014

Polish Top Festival 2014

E&A CUP 2014

3rd Polish University Educational Fair in New York

V4 Business Women Congress

24th edition of “Teraz Polska” competition

Winter Run For The Heart of Szczyrk The Brigand

“Jesus Garcia” – 12-episode internet series

4th International Art and Literary Contest “Proud to be Polish”- Motto: “My Hero”

1st edition of the programme “Summer with English”

Concerts by Gram-X Promotions: Lady Pank i Kukiz | HIFI Banda | Reggae Invasion Festival III |Róże Europy | Kamil Bednarek

22nd Grand Finale WOSP abroad – supporting media


Link to Poland media patronages in 2013

Gram-X Promotions: concert of Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa

Santa Claus Party in Ireland and UK

 Flyaway TV, a trip around the world

“Żubr w naturze”: An adventure in Asia

Contest “Teraz Polska Promocja”

„Vote! You are at home” campaign

Mini Volleyball Tournament for Girls in Kolobrzeg

Gobi cycling expedition – on bike through desert

Quo Vadis Sydney 2013

The Run for the Heart of Brigand from Zlota Gorka

The Play Poland Film Festival

The International Festival of Comics and Games

All of Polonia Reads to Children: “Welcome Mr. Julian!”

EMiGRA Festival

Art contest for children and youth – historypaint.pl

Summer Cup Tilburg 2013

16th World Olympic of Polish Communities

3rd Polish Festival in Montreal

School for Leaders of the Polish Communities Abroad 

2nd Run For The Heart of Szczyrk The Brigand

XVI World Championships Kielce Polonia 2013

Welcome Festival 2013 – The First International Festival of Place Marketing

Hitchhiking accross continents

Project Bread 2013

Miss Poland in Benelux

Polish eyes on China

The Trip of Our Dreams

Sounds from Behind the Iron Curtain: Polish Music after World War II

The Gala of 2012 Golden Owls Awards


The Competition “Outstanding Pole abroad” 2013 in USA

Polish Economic and Business Forum in London

The “Outstanding Pole” 2013 Competition in Norway

2nd Education Fair of Polish Universities in New York

Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 Jumps

The Dream Journey – The “By Bus Around the World” Project 

21st Grand Finale of WOŚP – supporting media