In 2015 a new holiday, the Polish Bilingual Day, was added to the Polish communities event calendar and it will be now celebrated every third weekend of October. The originators and organisers of the festival are Dobra Polska Szkoła Foundation from New York and the Education for Democracy Foundation.

The festival is to remind Polish people living abroad about the benefits of bilingual education and its importance in the life of Polish communities, Poland and the countries we live in. By teaching children Polish we also teach them about their Polish roots, we enrich their personalities and we broaden their horizons in a unique way by opening the gate to the full participation in the life of Poland and Polish communities when they grow up. At the same time we educate a generation of people who, by being bilingual, will become the best and most proficient ambassadors and spokespersons of being Polish abroad.

The knowledge of Polish language gives the young representatives of Polish communities an opportunity to understand changes that have taken place in all aspects of life in Poland in the last 25 years, to gain personal experience, to be more efficient in broadening foreigners’ knowledge about Poland as well as to change Poland’s image abroad.

In 2016 the Polish Bilingual Day will be celebrated on 15 and 16 October in the American cities of New York, Mahwah (NJ), Clifton (NJ), Copiague (NY), Boston (MA), Denver (CO) and Chicago (IL) as well as in Canada, Austria, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland.

We encourage Polish communities around the world to follow the events organised within the Polish Bilingual Day, join the celebrations or organise their local events.

Every organisation and Polish school can prepare their own meetings and an individual agenda to celebrate Polish language. The attractions are only an excuse to find time to meet with our compatriots on that day and talk about (not only) Polish affairs, share our Polish stories, enjoy being together and pass on our Polish spirit on the youngest generation of kids who were born abroad.

The Polish Bilingual Day website includes such materials as posters, leaflets, bookmarks, badges, etc. You just have to download them and print in your local printing office.

When you plan your celebrations share them with us. We will publish all the information on the Polish Bilingual Day websites as well as on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


More information on: Polish Bilingual Day | FB | Pinterest | Instagram | Coordinators-Contact


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