Gwiazdka z nieba

The educational set Gwiazdka z nieba aimed at bilingual children, age 1 – 3, who start their first adventure with Polish at domestic conditions, within the foreign language and culture environment. The bilingual children living abroad acquire Polish in a different manner comparing to their peers in Poland. They also encounter more obstacles.  It requires above all a decision made by at least one person: parent, grandparent or carer, to expose the child to Polish only, consistently. Afterwards – during the next steps of child development (age 4+) – provide a possibility of a deeper insight into the language system.


The set contains 7 components:

Book (board book, 20 pages) + CD (20 rhymes, 5 songs)

The main character of the book is a Star, who arrives to visit a child by its rocket. In ten chapters we get to know child’s and Star’s parts of a day. The stories are presented in multiple rhymes and pleasing, easy-to-follow songs. Majority of texts contain onomatopoeic elements, recommended by speech therapists as a factor fostering child’s speech development.

Fluffy mascot – the star (dimension: 18 cm x 15cm)

Fluffy mascot – the star can be for the child a sign, that we speak Polish now. Introducing it to the play allows switching perspective.  Moreover role-playing game gives the parent an opportunity to modulate their voice, change intonation, what is especially appreciated by children. Apart from the educational function, a toy may become kid’s best friend. The mascot has been produced according to the EU directive 2009/48/EC and is provided with the CE sign.

Workbook (76 pages) + CD (52 tracks)

Workbook, like the Handbook, contains 10 chapters, respectively. Each of them includes a page, which encloses the information addressed to parents. Varied fine art projects (coloring, sticker art, trace drawing, matching pairs etc.) help to revise vocabulary, so as they give an opportunity to practice motor skills and improve logical thinking ability. Part of the tasks requires using a sticker, necessary to find and stick in the appropriate place by the child. The workbook contains as well memory game cards helping to train a brain and child’s perceptiveness.  At the end, you can find the text of the traditional rhymes and songs, which are known by Poles for generations.

Colouring book (22 coloring pages)

Colouring book is a set of 22 coloring pages, which links to the vocabulary presented in the book Gwiazdka z nieba and trained in the Workbook. While coloring the pictures, the child gains yet another opportunity to revise new words, recapitulates the names of colors, learns how to hold a  crayon in a proper manner. The coloring pages are placed in the book according to the rule: simple, single objects to colour by the child itself on the right, on the left, however, the object is duplicated and fit into the broader context.

Songbook with notes (5 songs)

The notes enclosed in Piosenki Gwiazdki gives a parents, siblings, and grandparents, who play an instrument, the opportunity to play along with the child.

Poster (dimension: 60cm x 40cm)

The poster with a smiling Star is a nice decorative element, intended to be hanged in the child’s room. It has been designed also as a project space. Free space around the Star may be systematically filled by the child’s works, made while playing with the Workbook and Colouring book. This will help to create a special token of nice time spent with the Star and the Polish language.

Guidebook for parents

The brochure encloses a proposal of the strategy of work with the particular components of the set. The parents will find here a  list of words and expressions, which will be introduced to the child while playing with the Star. We also recommend interesting blogs,  portals, and articles devoted to bilingualism and general children development.








Giving the huge abilities’ diversification among the children in age 1-3, arising from their natural development, together with individual features, we propose to start to play with the main components i.e. Book Gwiazdka z nieba. Polskie rymowanki i piosenki dla dzieci dwujęzycznych (+CD) and the fluffy mascot. We leave for the parents to decide when to introduce the other components, i.e.  Exercise book + CD, Coloring Book, Songs of the Star, Poster. They are in the best position to judge when the child is capable of solving drill exercises, followed by vocabulary enlarging tasks.


You can buy the educational set Gwiazdka z nieba and find more information about it on: Prolog Publishing

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