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What can you find in the perfect calendar for each Polish woman curious about the world? More than 55 photographs taken by Poles living abroad, interesting stories and recipes from different parts of the world, quizzes, poems, sketches and descriptions of the books. Polish Ladies Abroad published their first calendar.

Do you feel as if you were born with a microphone in your hand and haven’t yet had a chance to prove it? Or maybe you’ve already had your first success and are looking forward to the next challenge? Did you fall in love with Polish songs? Or are you just fascinated by the sound of Polish language? If your answer to just one of these questions was “yes”, then the “Voice of Polonia” vocal competition is for you.

“The Voice of Polonia” competition is held under Link to Poland’s media patronage.

We are approaching the celebrations of the 76th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which united British and Polish pilots in the common struggle against the ominous Nazi threat. On the 15th of September, the organisation Hurricane of Hearts (HoH) has ensured that at Polish stores, service establishments and institutions across London – you will be able to find stickers with a white and red chequered pattern.

The economic situation makes professional debt collection a necessity. Expert Monika Toczyńska from the law firm Audix Polska Sp. z o.o. tells how the debt collection mechanism works and how a business owner can be helped.

“My way to the UN” is a film series, produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, about Poles working at the United Nations. Learn the story of Sergiusz Sidorowicz today, a Pole working for the United Nations Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) programme. See how he embarked on his career and what gives him the greatest satisfaction in his job.