Since the year 2015, I have been a member of quite a special virtual group called Klub Polki na Obczyźnie (Polish Lady Abroad Club). Magda Fou is the Club leader and founder.

Who belongs to Klub Polki? Polish ladies, bloggers, who live in various countries of the world, almost on all the continents. Anyway, one could say we are (almost) everywhere. Nowadays, the Club has over 200 members, including one man. Each member is supposed to take part in the Club works and projects. We also write articles connected with the group’s seasonal topics (such content is posted on our personal blogs then) and create the input published on the Klub Polki na Obczyźnie blog and other Club social accounts. In November 2016 the Club celebrated its 4th anniversary.

Why is the group special? Because its members inspire and support each other (considering not only blogging aspects but everyday life matters as well). What is most important, although we are a bunch of persons of different ages and a very wide range of interests, one can always count on a kind respond while addressing the group members and communicating personal ideas or views.
The Polish bloggers cooperate and talk to each other not only virtually. Whenever and wherever it is possible, they also organize meetings in the real world.

In 2016 Klub Polki na Obczyźnie published a book/calendar ‘Kalendarz Polki 2017’. The book is a compilation of articles, graphics, and photos by the Polish Ladies Abroad.


To learn more about Klub Polki na Obczyźnie, visit the club blog (updated twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays) and our other Internet accounts: FB |Pinterest |Twitter |Instagram


Graphics and photo © Calendar Klub Polki 2017 /Kasia Rižnar


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