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Polish people were welcomed in the Isle of Flowers. It was there, near Rio de Janeiro, where after a long wandering over the sea, the people, who wanted a piece of paradise just for their own, started coming to the land. Their belongings on the back, hope in the hearts, and a vision of fertile fields in minds – that is everything they had.

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia is the only place in Poland to retell the emigration story, which is full of emotions, written by millions of Poles, who experienced it. This place will be established on the basis on the reports of ordinary people and it will retell about the mass phenomenon whose significance cannot be overestimated.

Chile, a distant country, that only a few Poles have reached. The number of Poles in Chile has never been large. One of the first fellow in this remote country was Ignacy Domeyko. He had arrived to Chile in 1838 and began working in Coquimbo as a professor of chemistry and mineralogy. Domeyko founded there the first School of Mining.Ten years later, for his services, he received a Chilean citizenship.