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Undiscovered treasures is an educational travel quiz show broadcasted by TVP Polonia. Every Sunday at 5 pm when you sit in front of your TV, you should be prepared for a virtual journey which will take you different places you wouldn’t find in travel brochures. These unique and mysterious regions deserve the name of the eponymic treasures. In each episode, the authors of the show will provide you with real touristic treats from all over the country.

Few years ago thanks to the new technology Audycja can be listened live over the internet from any place, not only in Australia but from anywhere in the world. From July 2012 listeners who missed the live program can access it’s recorded version at any time by accessing link on the Audycja web page. Audycja can be found on the internet in few places, on the 2NUR FM website, website of the Polish Association Newcastle and on the Audycja’s website on WordPress.