The Montreal Polish Community, proud of its more than thousand years of history and tradition, invites everybody to the 3rd Polish Festival in Montreal. This will be another opportunity to get acquainted with Polish culture through a rich and varied program of artistic events. The Polish Festival, which takes place on 9-10-11 August 2013 at the Parc des Faubourg (at the intersection, Ontario and de Lorimier) will provide an unforgettable experience for each participant at the event.

About 60 artists and 20 performances will be presented on a big stage during the festival. The musical component of the Polish Festival will consist of concerts and folk dances.. An exhibition of sculptures and paintings of Polish artists will also be on display.

During the festival you can taste delicious Polish cuisine. There will be plenty of Polish donuts, dumplings and sauerkraut.You will have the opportunity to learn about and buy Polish crafts in shops at the festival.

“Polish Days” will be featured on 10-11 August, which will include an exposition of the International Fair of Poznan.  An area of about 490 m2 (1600 square feet), will be devoted entirely to Poland and the promotion of its tourist regions.

The organizers of the festival invite the youngest participants. There will be a mini- park especially for the youngwith many spectacles, play, clowns and many other attractions and activities.


More information: The Polish Festival in Montreal


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