6 unusual museums in Poland worth visiting

When you hear word “museum”, you are probably thinking about some serious establishment in big building like Louvre or National Museum in London. However, there are few bizarre museums in Poland that are worth visiting – even for sheer novelty alone!

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We would like to present you the 6 most unusual museums you can find in Poland:

Frog Museum in Kudowa-Zdrój

This unusual establishment features over three thousand exhibits linked to the green little amphibians. Expect everything: soapboxes, porcelain figurines, ashtrays or specimens preserved in formalin! Unusual collection raises eyebrows and comes from nearly 20 countries from across the globe. Frog Museum is placed in Kudowa Zdroj, where the nature surrounding the museum provides perfect opportunity to observe frogs in the wild.

Neon Museum in Warsaw

Vintage and historic neons of old Warsaw’s that are no longer used, found their safe home! And now we can visit them thanks to Neon Museum in Warsaw! Some of the signs tell the story of good old times that will never come back. Others remind of post-war reality, life and businesses. No doubt there is something charming about this place, that will make your visit unforgettable!

Museum of Buttons in Łowicz

Now this is some interesting career: from suitcase full of buttons in 1997, to its own dedicated museum years later! Currently, Jacek Rutkowski’s collection has over 450,000 buttons. All different shapes, sizes, patterns, materials and colours! Many of them belonged to famous people like writer Witkacy, actor Borys Szyc, or tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska, while others were donated by visitors and donors from all around the world. The museum is located in Lowicz, only one-hour drive from Warsaw.

Museum of Unusual Bicycles in Gołąb

This collection includes some very strange bicycles which of course… can be ridden by visitors! That is, if they manage ‒ some of these weird constructions are rather tricky to ride! Reversed Bicycle, Space Bicycle or Pilot Training Bicycle – judging only by their names, museum visits must be fun! Of course visitors can also enjoy fairly “normal” bicycles, like rickshaws and tandems. Museum is located in Gołąb, which is one hour drive from Lublin.

Torture Museum in Zielona Góra

Located in ominous-looking basement of 19th century building, this museum might not be the best place for the faint-hearted. But history fans will love it! The Torture Museum presents originals and replicas of torture devices used mostly in medieval times. Be ready to see some gruesome, but also very interesting contraptions!

Museum of Fire in Żory

This museum takes its collection seriously! Even the building was designed to resemble the flame! Inside is getting even more interesting: you can pass through wall of fire, use the fire-torch (virtual) to burn different materials, or see the history of fire from prehistoric times until now. Museum is located 40 min drive from Katowice.


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Source: Polish Tourist Organisation

Photo © POT /Museum of Fire in Żory