ZBIOK is a Polish street artist working and living in Warsaw. His artworks can be recognised by their bright and arresting colour compositions, and painterly nods to pop art. This was the most challenging project of the artist’s career to date. From the 3rd to 6th March ZBIOK transformed rows of blank white PVC sheets into striking works of colour. These individual forms all had their designated role, they were components of a larger collective image – a 16 x 11 metre painting of a luminous sea harbour, clad in glaring shades of lime green, azure and cobalt blue. Every speck, every dribble of fluorescent paint that hit the canvas would become its own unique magazine cover. This way every magazine cover is its own work of art, an inimitable treatment by the artist himself, unlike reproduced covers seen in traditional methods of printing and publishing.

Creating innovative designs of a high calibre has always been an integral part of Contemporary Lynx Magazine. Following the positive reception garnered from its mirrored cover designed by Wojciech Puś for the fourth issue, Editor Team were keen to stretch the limits of print magazine production even further. The seventh issue focuses on street art, urban art and social and political art created in public spaces. You don’t have to possess a gallery pass or an exhibition ticket to consume and appreciate street art. Unlike the perfectly kept and preserved artworks of white cube spaces, street art is open to all. Everybody is able to witness the artwork created by ZBIOK, and is invited to be a part of it.


The project took place at the TRAFO – Centre For Contemporary Art in Szczecin. 

About the Contemporary Lynx

Contemporary Lynx is an arts organisation and print magazine launched in January 2013 by art historians Dobromiła Błaszczyk and Sylwia Krasoń. Contemporary Lynx was created to encourage an appreciation and understanding of Polish contemporary art by a wide audience. Its goal is to raise awareness of Polish artists’ contribution to the international art scene. In the magazine and on the website its Editing Team publish first-hand information about interesting and prestigious art events from around the world. Contemporary Lynx is a springboard for further activities happening beyond the Internet – curatorial projects, art exhibitions, international cultural exchange, research and cross-media art events.


Source: Contemporary Lynx

Photos © Contemporary Lynx


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