Have you ever wondered how those who went abroad many years ago lived? Or maybe you want to get information on some interesting activities in a foreign country? A brand new and dynamic portal – Link to Poland can give you the answers for those, and many other questions.

The idea occurred thanks to traveling
Many months ago, in the head of a young man travelling around the world, an idea grew. He wondered about how people live in different countries, what the differences were between him and people from all over the world. He has travelled many countries, has visited a lot of places and met countless of interesting people. Thus, the question arose in his mind – how do his countrymen, the Poles, adapt to these new conditions.

Inspiration came in the Netherlands
After a change of residence and settling down in a new country, he began to follow the scenarios of different Polish people leaving his home country for various reasons. In order to share these experiences with Poles, he decided to create a portal for those who went abroad and those who stayed in Poland. Portal for people like him – travellers, but also for foreigners who chose Poland as their home.

Team of Polish people living in five different countries
Knowing that he had little chance of achieving that goal, he created a team consisting of people like him, people who shared his idea and the desire to spread knowledge about Poland and Poles in the world.  He invited several friends to collaborate, including his former student, and those who worked with him during  the summer – people living permanently in Poland, Norway, Turkey, the Netherlands and Australia. After a few months, this group of people had evolved into a team of professionals focused on Poland.

Compendium of knowledge about Poland
The team has worked hard for many months, but the results of their efforts will impress Poles living abroad for many years. We have a pleasure to present Link to Poland, a portal which is a compendium of knowledge on a variety of issues related to Polish people abroad and Poland. The visitors of Link to Poland will receive information about Polish entrepreneurs from all over the world, science, and culture. Moreover, we prepared interesting sections for the youth and students, as well as for the youngest children. If you like to travel you’ll  definitely find something interesting in tourism section, while sections such as lifestyle and projects will help you to get familiar with the Polish style of life, inspiring creativity and collaboration. You need to be a part of our portal now, and indulge in what it has to offer!

Grzegorz Chęć – Link to Poland

Interview with Mariusz Soltanifar – CW 24TV

Source: Fundacja Teraz Polska


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