„Wyjątkowa książka Szczepana” is the first book within 20 years that contains a set of satirical cartoons by Szczepan Sadurski. Included are over one hundred depictions full of humor and satire, focusing primarily on social and political matters.

The book is of special nature because it will be financed thanks to crowd funding, which means that everyone who is interested in buying the book will become its sponsor.  With thanks to collected funds, the book will be printed and then sent to every sponsor in question.  As a result of this factor not a single book will go to waste as they will print only as many copies as people order. Additionally, due to limited small circulation, the book will become elite.

„Wyjątkowa książka Szczepana” will not be available to purchase at  regular or online bookstores but can be ordered at the following website which is linked with the project PolakPotrafi.pl 

Szczepan Sadurski created a number of other interesting attractions for the readers including – books with jokes, postcards, back copies of Dobry Humor (Good Humor) and Super Dowcipy (Super Jokes) . It will be also possible to get your own caricature made by the author and possibly invite him for a party during which he will be drawing caricatures for participants.

Visit the website of the project PolakPotrafi.pl and watch a video made by Szczepan Sadurski himself. The film stars actors such as Waldemar Ochnia – a Polish Chuck Norris’ lookalike, Adam Ciesielski who lives in RSA and cabaret groups – OT.TO and Elita.


Szczepan Sadurski is one of the most well-known Polish cartoonists and caricaturists and has been present in media for 35 years. He debuted in press very early as a junior creating a lot of interest in his work.  His first drawings were published in „Świat Młodych” magazine – the one in which published known comic books Tytus or Kajek and Kokosz. Since then, over 6 thousand units of work by Sadurski have been published in over 200 polish and foreign journals, books, TV programs and commercials for various companies. For over 20 years Szczepan Sadurski has been a chief of Humor and Satire Publishing, which published many popular magazines, including „Dobry Humor” („Good Humor) . For 11 years, he has been the leader of the Good Humor Party – an informal, international organization for people who love laughing. Many people still associate Sadurski with the popular satire magazine „Szpilka” as in the late 80’s he was the most publishing cartoon based art. He is a winner of Golden Szpilka ’86 – the most prestigious prize for satirists at this time. His popularity was also shaped by successes in foreign countries. From festivals in France and Germany to exhibitions in New York, Barcelona, Vilnius, Cape Town and other places Sadurski´s work has become a well-known amongst the international crowd.


Illustration by © Szczepan Sadurski

You can find more information about the book at the official website of the project:  „Wyjątkowa książka Szczepana



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