We have reached the beginning of November – a time of cooler and shorter days … a time for hats, scarves, and breathing on our numb hands to heat them up. The time of the year, when trees turn a beautiful golden brown colour, and we frequently hear the sound of raindrops hitting the window.

Autumn depression!? Oh no! For us – Hurricane of Hearts – the coming of autumn represents an incredible boost of energy! Another Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is just around the corner, and with it a fantastic star is coming from Poland: Ja mmm Chyba Ściebie, Poparzeni Kawa Trzy, with the excellent Zepher, Neurospoiler and Hare Krishna in support. We didn’t forget about the children – we have prepared for them something very, very special!! Majka Jezowska, a legend in the children’s music industry, is our guest and the star of our afternoon event.

All these and even more will be performing on 12th January 2014 in the Club Scale at the King’s Cross.

This year (as was the case last year) the concert would be conducted fully in English, so please do not hesitate to bring all of your friends from around the world along. They are very welcome to try the Polish food which will be available at the event, to enjoy great music, and generally have great time celebrating with us!

If you would like to become a volunteer in the 22nd Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, please, feel free to come along to our organisational meetings, which are held every Tuesday at 7.00 p.m. in Hall PUNO in POSK on the third floor.


See you there!

Hurricane of Hearts



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