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With a t tribute year dedicated to Julian Tuwim recently coming to an end, Polish and the Polish diaspora space have been filled with multimedia exhibitions, educational events, concerts, theatrical performances, and a series of happenings which were inspired by the poet’s life and works. One of the latest chords of Tuwim’s jubilee sounded on the15th of November in Hagen Bartkapel, at a concert organised by The Polish-Dutch Cultural Society, promoting Tuwim’s artistic works and works by other artists inspired by it.

Someone who comes from Poland told me today that whenever he is asked where he comes from, he answers from Eastern Europe, because he is ashamed to tell the truth.

About literature, book “War in Jangblisia. In that World” and experience of emigration, the author of blog Kraina Czytania talks with writer – Agnieszka Steur.

“The story of the third stair” is a part of a collection of short stories written within the project “Bloggers write the books”. In this project participated a group of twenty-seven people, who lead their blogs every day, but at the same time they already have some experience in writing fiction. The authors have written the stories, where the leitmotiv are sketches from life. As a result the anthology of short stories was published in the form of an e-book by the publishing house RW2010.