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“When Poland’s prime minister and top diplomat signed the EU accession treaty, little can they have known that the benefits would be this immense, both for Poland and the Union,” writes Poland’s Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski in an article marking the 10th anniversary of Poland’s EU accession, which falls on May 1st.

Gdańsk – an important point on the tourist map of the world. Its fascinating history is like a magnet, with majestic architecture, sea, beach and amber, but above all the spirit of liberty. It is here, in Gdańsk, a movement was born under the charismatic leadership of Lech Walesa which led to the fall of communism in Europe.

Pope John Paul II, born Karol Wojtyła, will be officially declared a saint in the Vatican on 27 April. He will be among the best known saints from Poland, among them St. Adalbert of Prague, St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, St. Faustina Kowalska and St. Andrew Bobola.

April 24 marks the centennial of the birth of Jan Karski, the Pole who gave Western Allies the first eyewitness account of the Holocaust in 1942. On the occasion of the Year of Jan Karski, declared by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Polish diplomacy has been telling the international public about the accomplishments of the heroic Home Army emissary.

“The story of Jan Karski is an affirmation that the greatness of a individual is measured by his morality. Life is full and it makes sense if it is subordinated to its ethical values. Karski’s deeds places him amongst the greatest heroes of Polish history” /Zbigniew Brzezinski/