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Pre-war Gdańsk, perfectly combining the features of a charming city with a powerful centre of port industry, in April 1945 was turned into 3 million cubic metres of debris by the Soviet army. Slowly, thanks to the persistence of new settlers – mainly from former Polish lands that after the war were annexed into the Soviet Union – from this sea of ruins again began to emerge the former shape of the city.

Maritime culture and identity – these are the two main motto of this year’s 5th World Gdańsk Reunion, which will be held on 6-8 July. The Reunion is a great opportunity to visit Gdańsk, talk to old friends, meet interesting people, check out places known from the past and discover completely new parts of the city.

The Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of granting city rights to Lublin presents us with an opportunity to participate in numerous cultural events organised in Lublin.

Gdańsk is the only city in Poland that has been nominated in the competition for the title of “European Best Destination 2017”. Participating in the competition are cities that tourists most willing visit and have a very good reputation on the Internet – our competitors are cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Paris, Vienna, London, Madrid and Budapest. You can vote till 10th of February 2017.

Kraków, a centre of modern technologies, growing economy, science and culture, is seen by the international audience as a dynamically developing European metropolis with a huge potential. This is also a place that cares about their residents, tourists and investors.