Leaving his company, girlfriend, car, and formal education behind, Wladek Labuda embarked on a journey and moved into the world. As he travels, he does not spend a cent on lodging, but party hard, and visit the most remote corners of the earth. To survive each stage of the trip, Wladek Labuda partakes in unusual tasks across the globe’s most exotic places. He eats the local cuisine of each place, and for this he officially apologizes to his stomach. His volunteering has extended, thus far, to helping indigenous people and orphans, Caribbean bartending, trailblazing in the bush, and even assisting among religious orders. Join in as he delves into a world full of unconventional ideas and ways of living that go much deeper than the superficial and ordinary. Let’s not forget to mention Poland—his native country, from which he is a proud ambassador.

He declares he will not spend any money on accommodations for the trip of more than two years, and has, so far, been successful in this mission. How is that even possible? For more information, and other proven methods of free travel, you can read his e-book (being developed jointly with other travelers from around the world).

This past year, Labuda has traveled already over 21 thousand kilometers. His experiences so far have included a single winter night in Toronto (-31 degrees C), the largest pow-wow in the world, several trips through the jungle, a few nights in the woods in a tree house, climbing the highest peaks of North America, three days wandering in Vancouver, drinking fresh coconut juice and looting banana plantations, bartending at a Caribbean club, and helping children in Honduras. And many more.

The adventure is ongoing…

The expedition can be followed at Facebook and YouTube. A feature film is being created, depicting the experiences, people, and places Labuda has visited.


Photo © Wladek Labuda


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