We do not know when it started: One day, after watching “Dancing with Wolves”, we sat down over coffee and became Queen of Red Dragons, Jumping over the Waves and Climbing up the Stairs We named ourselves – we became a hairy family. Since that time we travel, because we want to see ourselves, we do not like to stand in the place, we are looking for adventure.

We are looking for passion and inspiration

Passion is something special, which is manifested in works of art, but also in selling vegetables at the market. Passion is in the people and places, it’s a light in an eye, a smell of lavender, singing cicadas. Our project will start on June 30 and will be realised in July and August. The route isn’t very concrete, because we all like suspires, don’t we? We are spontaneous. Yes, we plan to visit several regions of France – Paris, Reims, castles by Loire, but mostly we want to focus on discovering places and people without any rush.

Let’s talk about our passions, about our dreams

Already, while we are preparing for the trip, we experience much kindness and amazing adventures. “I support enthusiasts” – we hear. It is enough to terminate a dream – slate, like in the films, and a friend calls on the phone to determine the voicing of wooden slate – Which do you want – he asks – larger or smaller, I can hear the slate – you know, the larger, I answer with the widest smile this morning. – You’ll get also a chalk from me! Nicholas is dreaming of seeing a cook, one who not only cooks, who prepares poetic dishes. And what happened again? It was enough to tell. When I close my eyes I can see already gathered in June 12, 13, 000 people dressed in white eating supper at the Paris bridge in accordance with the principle of “Dîner en Blanc” invented moreover, in Paris, 26 years ago, and already widely spread through 40 cities in the world. I probably would have not discovered it, if not for the upcoming trip. Not yet set off, and already traveling. Today we know that we can meet in France our favorite writer. Emotions are beginning to boil. Passion.

What’s your passion? When we will meet, about what we will talk? What will you share with us?

All that we will experience, we will tell you through videos, immortalizing magical French views on the pictures, doing reportages and interviews. When we will arrive back home, we plan to share our experiences from the project. Travel inspirates: by the return Nicholas plans to release a collection of French Tales.

If you don’t like changes, don’t read it!

If you can be with us in France, visiting our blog Kudłacze w podróży, fanpage on Facebook KudlaczewPodrozy and the media our Media Patrons. Photos from the trip will be also published on our Instagram profile as thehairytravels.


The journey is held under Link to Poland’s media patronage.


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