Scientists from Łódź have invented technology of making graphene by using a liquid metal matrix and a mixture of carbonising gases according to an original method that has already been patented in the world. They have designed and started a stove to make graphene on an industrial scale and they called it High Resilience Metal Graphene.

How to use graphen – watch video (available only in Polish)

As the head of the scientist team from the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering at the Łódź University of Technology, Professor Piotr Kula, admits, it’s a unique product with a large surface. The idea is to make graphene sheets measured in square metres and rolled them up in a stove like a bale of fabric. The biggest samples of graphene produced in this way so far have a size of a brick and 1 square centimetre of this material costs 400 PLN.


Photo © Grzegorz Michałowski / Polish Press Agency


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