We are group of seven students from different departments of Wroclaw Universities. Some of us know each other for a long time, some a little less, but all of us share the dream of a year-long tour around the world. This tour will provide us experience and joy, which we will remember for many years. The idea was created during holidays on one of our common trip in 2012. Since that time a year has passed and soon we will set off.

We took into consideration all possibilities and we decided to take to route to the east. Obviously we are not trying to plan the whole tour. Firstly, the lack of precise plan give us more freedom to travel. We will be able to follow advices of people that we will come across, visit places about which we will find out by accident on the way or even stay in places that captivate us for a longer time. Secondly, we do not think that planning the whole tour is possible. Simply too many things may change in the course of the tour. However, we have the rough outline of the way in our heads. We want to set off from Wroclaw to the south-east to get to Turkey and then to Iran. The next country on our tour will be Pakistan. We are aware of the possible difficulties in obtaining visas to Pakistan, we also allow the possibility to fly by plane from Iran to India and everything will turn out during the tour. From India we will go further to the east and maybe we will visit such countries as: Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia. From Indonesia we want to go to Australia, perhaps trying our luck with hitchhiking some yacht. In Australia we will probably be working for a few months and earning money for the further tour. Visa will allow us on this. We can get it thanks to the fact that some of us have an engineer’s degree of Wrocław University of Technology. When we improve our finances enough, we will want to go to South America and travel there for the next few months. If we have enough time and money, we will visit also North America.

As regards the means of transport that we want to use, we will mainly be travelling by hitchhiking. Why hitchhiking? We believe that this form of travelling will allow us to meet many fantastic people, local culture and experience amazing adventures. Obviously, it may turn out that it will not always be possible, that is way we do not reject the possibility of using other means of transport. However, we would not like to travel long distances by planes, trains or buses. After all, it is not all about going around the world watching it from the window of some vehicle.

We estimate that the whole tour will take us about 14 months, from July 2013 to September 2014. After this one-year break we can continue our studies, if it still will be interesting for us after so many adventures.

To keep in touch with people who are interested in our tour, we have made a blog Przez Kontynenty. Here during our travels we will try to keep you informed about our adventures.

We also have a fanpage on Facebook


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